May 2017 – Colin Smith

Colin Smith was invited to demonstrate at our May 2017 meeting

Colin demonstrated the making of a female form and a candlestick using the ‘Off Centre’ method

Colin with a Female Form
Colin Making the Chuck spigot
Colin shaping the off centre body of the female form
Colin shaping the body
Colin reversing the blank in the chuck
Colin shaping the neck/head
Colin Shaping the Hat blank
Colin finishing the hat
Colin Parting off the hat
The finished female Form
A display of Colin's 'Off Centre' work
Colin preparing the blank for the 'Off Centre candle stick
Colin drilling the recess for the candle
Colin shaping the bowl
The part fished Bowl
Colin Shaping the body of the candle stick
Colin shaping the Base
Colin parting off the candle stick
Colin checking the fit of the candle holder
Colin with the finished 'Off Centre' Candle stick