June 2017 – Edward Oliver

Ed Oliver was invited to demonstrate at our June 2017 meeting.

Ed demonstrated the use of texturing and colour and made a Tee Light holder

Ed giving an introduction
Ed with a previous textured and coloured platter
Ed explaining the use of various gouge bevels
Ed preparing the bowl blank
Ed preparing the chuck spigot
Ed reversing the bowl blank
Ed using a texturing tool
Ed using colours on the textured surface
Ed with a coloured and textured platter
Ed applying a laquer finish to a small bowl
Ed hollowing the bowl blank
Ed with the hollowed bowl
Ed preparing the blank for the Tee light holder
Ed shaping the Tee light holder
Ed refining the Tee holder shape
Ed adding colour to the Tee light holder
Ed and the coloured Tee light holder
Ed with the completed coloured Tee light Holder