September 2017 – Brian Partridge

Brian Partridge was invited to demonstrate at our September 2017 meeting.

Brian demonstrated the use of laminated plywood and made a bangle, earing, candlestick, and a box.
Brian with the laminated plywood block
Samples of Brian's Laminated Plywood jewelry
Brian with the Bangle blank
Brian refining the bangle edge
Brian parting off the bangle
Brian using special chuck jaws to finish the bangle
Brian making the Earing
Bangle and Ear ring
Brian with candle sick blank
Brian setting the depth of the centre of the candle stick
Brian shaping the candle stick
Brian sanding the candle stick
The completed Candle stick
Brian shaping the box lid
Brian sanding the box lid
Brian hollowing the box base
The completed laminated plywood box