Health and Safety

Health and Safety
The Club has a Health and Safety Policy, together with a Risk Assessment Form.
A risk assessment is required for the following:
Club meetings: To be completed by a Club member.
Club Craft Shows: Nominated by the committee on behalf of the Club.
Members wishing to buddy / mentor others in their workshop.
Members attending any woodturning related event where they require cover under the Club insurance.
Demonstrators attending should provide evidence that a risk assessment has been carried out.
For Members’ activities (where they wish to take advantage of the Club insurance) the individual member must complete and sign the Risk Assessment or Notice of Intent where it is impractical to conduct the Risk Assessment prior to the event.
Risk Assessment forms are valid for one year unless there are significant changes to the circumstances assessed, in which case the assessment should be updated.
All Risk Assessment and Notice of Intent forms must be lodged with the Secretary as custodian in order for them to be effective. The forms are a self declaration, and the Secretary is not responsible for checking or otherwise validating them.
The Club Health & Safety Policy and Risk Assessment Form etc., which may be amended by the committee as necessary, will be published on the Club website, and in the Club newsletter whenever there are significant changes.