Programme 2023


Updated  2-10-23

12th January

AGM / Club Competition

Q & A after meeting / Derek Brightwell

9th February

Derek Brightwell

Derek is showing us how to turn a Nutcracker Soldier

9th March

Terry Riddick

Terry is showing us how he turns a Security Guard Smoker

12th March (Sunday) 

Spring Seminar – Ed Oliver

Ed is showing us how to texture and colour on hollow forms and bowls

 13th April 

Tic Challis

Airbrushing Techniques

11th May

Carlyn Lindsay

Carlyn is turning a spinning top box, featuring a laminated handle and thread chasing.

8th June

Derek Brightwell

Derek showed us how he turns a vase and tulip

13th July

Stewart Furini

A range of colouring and texturing ideas using stains and paints. How to save a blank from colouring disasters and how to try out ideas without ruining your expensively bought blanks. I’ll also show a variety of ways of applying colour – it’s amazing what you can do with kitchen roll.

14th September

Darren Breeze

Beaded Box, with or without thread, left natural or airbrushed, up to the audience on the night.

12th October

Dennis Carter

Dennis is showing us how he turns pens

15th October (Sunday)

Autumn Seminar – Colwin Way

Wooden Fruit, Torrge Dish, German Smoker, Offset Pendant, Wet Oak Pot.

9th November

Ted Higgs

Ted is showing us some woodturning ideas

14th December

Richard Bicheno

Richard is showing us how he turns wooden boxes

11th January 2024       

AGM / Club Competition

Bring & Buy Sale