Programme 2024

Updated 23-4-24

11th January

AGM / Club Competition

Bring & Buy Sale 

8th February

Greg Moreton

Small finial topped box from a log and possibly a sphere

3rd March (Sunday) 

Spring Seminar – Richard Findley

Table lamp: Lots of techniques with spindle and faceplate turning. Box with Pewter Insert: Box turning techniques plus Pewter casting and turning.

14th March 

Terry Riddick


 11th April 

Stewart Furini

Turning a shallow bowl, aerosol & acrylic paint effects, audience choice of finish for rim before centre is hollowed out and finished. May involve some texturing with power tools as well.

9th May

Terry Riddick

Terry is showing us how he turns a ring

13th June

Terry Smart

Use and application of various finishes

11th July

Charles Ash

Pole lathe demonstration & talk about the history of woodturning

12th September

Paul Howard

Making an Owl using some jigs

10th October

Steven Kearvell

Resin Project

20th October (Sunday)

Autumn Seminar – Gary Rance

8-10 Different Items

14th November

Michael Favager

Passive speaker for mobile phone plus Bluetooth speaker

12th December

Tic Challis

Decorative techniques to wood using Pyrography

9th January 2025       

AGM / Club Competition

Q & A after meeting